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Hello wikia travellers this is my South Park Wikia page, were I will talk about me, and South Park.

About Moi[edit]

Well, there is nothing mutch to say, I am a 16 years old boy, who lives in Azores, Portugal(For those who don't know, Portugal is a country in Europe, an Azores are 9 islands in the middle of the atlantic sea),that have a extreme fanatism, for south park, see for example, I have all the seasons in DVD, and I have watched every single episode, at least 6 times. I have a big Eric Cartman doll, T-shirts with random cotes from the characters(My favourit says "I am not fat, I am Big Boned"). I dont think I have more to say about me so lets pass to South Park.

Me and South Park[edit]

I begin whatching South Park, on a national TV station called Sic Radical, six years later, and I remmember thinking to my self "Whoaa, what an extreme way to see the world", I use to laugth about Eric Cartman stupid cotes and I still do, so you may suspect that my favourit character is Eric Cartman, my favourit episode is Scott Tenorman Must Die.


Cartman Doll Stan Doll Kenny Keychain Cartman Keychain Cartman Poster Cartman Ass as a Clock Bigger Longer an Uncut Poster All DVD's