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I have no idea what I should put here so I will just say why I am here.[edit]

I came here seeking graphics for a rather whimsical project I have started on. But first, a little history:

I am a Linux user and I have a friend who is also a Linux user. He likes to play the old Windows "Southpark Solitaire" and runs it under WINE. The Southpark Solitaire game is simply abysmal in my opinion not only because the card faces are limited in variation, but also because the cards themselves are small and non-scalable. But as a Linux (and GNOME) user, a rather nice Solitaire game comes with GNOME (and is also available to Windows users) for free and the card set files are in SVG format which is scalable and very nice on any sized screen. So I have decided to create a card set for the solitaire game!

Using another card set as a template, I have set about replacing parts of the graphics with Southpark graphics. While I could easily embed bitmapped graphics, I am mildly a purist and have been using only SVG formatted graphics to merge in with the card set. Much to my pleasure, many SVG formatted images are available and that got me off to a great start. But there are four face cards to a suit (including Ace) and four suits and two jokers. So that presents some challenge for variety and I quickly exhausted the resources I could find on the net. So I have started the pain-staking process of getting other graphics from the net and tracing them to create SVG images of Southpark characters. I have been rather successful so far but have a way to go on the project still.

But since I have created these SVG formatted character graphics, I thought I might submit them here so that other people might make use of them or issue criticisms, suggestions or submit improvements. I would also like to submit the card set that I am working on so that perhaps other input could be used to improve what I have been doing so far.