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The Spirit of Christmas (1992)
The Spirit of Christmas (1995)

Cultural references[edit]

  • Frosty the Snowman: The entire short is a satirical parody of this famous 1969 Christmas special.


  • The only boy with a name is the Cartman-lookalike: "Kenny". The orange-coated boy would subsequently take the name of Kenny.
  • Like with Jesus vs. Santa, this short does not bleep out "fuck" because it did not air on television and was free of network censorship.


  • In one scene, the opening sequence has a TV showing the scene where Frosty sprouts to life, revealing himself as evil.
  • In the Season 6 episode "The Simpsons Already Did It" Tweek is scared of putting a carrot on a snowman, as opposed to a hat, thinking it will sprout to life. Stan's reply is a drawback to this short, "When did that ever happen besides that one time?"

Kenny's death[edit]

  • The Cartman lookalike, or Kenny, is grabbed by one of Frosty's robotic tentacles and is then hurled on to the ground. He bleeds to death.
  • Frosty, after fooling the boys by disguising himself as Santa, tosses the Kenny-lookalike on the ground, whose head decapitates.