The Biggest Douche in the Universe

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The Death Camp of Tolerance
The Biggest Douche in the Universe
My Future Self n' Me

Template:Infobox South Park episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" is the fifteenth episode of Season Six, and the 94th overall episode of South Park. It aired on November 27, 2002.[1]


Chef's parents try to expel Kenny's spirit from Cartman. Stan is at odds with psychic John Edward.


Template:Spoiler Cartman is taken to the hospital for being possessed by Kenny's spirit for four weeks. The boys ask Chef whether they should care about the situation, so he decides to help them exorcise Kenny out of Cartman's body. He takes them to New York to see John Edward who doesn't help them at all, but instead tells Kyle that his grandma wants him to find four white birds. Leaving them no choice, Chef takes Cartman and his mom to Scotland, where his parents live, so they can exorcise Kenny. When his parents perform the needed routine, a problem occurs. Chef forgot to bring a "victim child" for the spirit of Kenny to go into, so the spirit ends up in a roast. Meanwhile, Kyle sees a poster for Jewleeard, with four white birds, and believes that is where his grandma wants him to be. As a result, Stan, with the help of specific research, learns to do "cold reading" to expose John Edward as a fraud, and get Kyle from believing what Edward said about the four white birds. Instead, the plan backfires, leaving him to be praised as a psychic and as talented as Edward himself. Edwards challenges him to a contest, only for Stan to finally convince people of the truth by saying it might comfort them to be able to talk to dead relatives, a fate of just floating around aimlessly isn't a very desirable one. In the end, John Edward is taken by aliens to a faraway awards ceremony, for he was nominated for and won the biggest douche in the universe title, even though he claimed he wasn't one. Kyle admits that Stan was right and Rob Schneider eats the roast, which had Kenny's soul in it, and thus becomes possessed by Kenny.