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Season Ten first aired on March 22nd, 2006, with the first half ending on May 3rd and the second half airing on October 4th; it ended on November 15th.

Like previous years, this season had a total of fourteen episodes. This has been the case for all seasons since Season Eight. This season is the first one since Season Three to include a Halloween special, "Hell on Earth 2006". This season had two two-parters: "Cartoon Wars Part I"/"Cartoon Wars Part II" and "Go God Go"/"Go God Go XII".

The episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft", won an Emmy Award in September 2007.

This season features the final appearance of Chef in "The Return of Chef". His voice artist, Isaac Hayes left after he was offended by "Trapped in the Closet" which insulted his faith, Scientology. Controversy arose twice, first from "Cartoon Wars Part I and II" which attempted to broadcast the image of Muhammad, and secondly from "Hell on Earth 2006" which satires the death of Steve Irwin. Another notable point about this season is that the episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" features many of its scenes made in machinima to make the World of Warcraft scenes more accurate.

The theme tune that has been used since Season Six is changed from "Make Love, Not Warcraft" onwards. The western backing music is replaced by "Whamola", by Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade. All the lyrics (apart from Kenny's), stay the same. This is the first season where Kenny doesn't die, although South Park Studios counts Kenny's character's death in Warcraft as an official death due to Stan and Kyle saying their trademark lines.