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Season Six began on March 6th, 2002 with "Jared Has Aides" and ended on December 11th, 2002 with "Red Sleigh Down". The start of Season Six also introduced a new "country" like theme song, involving a banjo and harmonicas. The opening theme replaces Kenny's singing with Timmy, singing "Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, livin' a lie, Timmy!"

Ms. Choksondik dies in the episode "The Simpsons Already Did It" after swallowing Mr. Mackey's semen. Jesus is shot by an Iraqi in the episode "Red Sleigh Down" and does not reappear until "Fantastic Easter Special". The episode Professor Chaos features the last speaking role of Pip until his death in 201. "The Simpsons Already Did It" features the last speaking role of Ms. Crabtree until her death in "Cartman's Incredible Gift".

The production number for "Freak Strike" was the first created episode but was the third to air. Do not edit the production orders as this wiki lists episodes on the day they premiered not the production number.


One unique aspect of this season is the absence of Kenny McCormick, who died "permanently" in the episode "Kenny Dies" of the previous season. Several episodes of this season deal with Stan, Kyle, and Cartman attempting to fill the void of Kenny's absence with a new fourth friend, initially hiring Butters, whom they subject to guilt, inferiority to Kenny, and various forms of abuse, before deciding he was too lame, leading them to hold a "Bachelor"-like contest in order to choose their new fourth friend in the episode Professor Chaos, resulting in Tweek becoming Kenny's replacement until the episode "Child Abduction is Not Funny". The episodes "A Ladder to Heaven", "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers", and "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" form a mini-arc involving Kenny's soul being trapped in Cartman's body after Cartman drinks Kenny's ashes, thinking it is chocolate milk mix. Kenny spontaneously returned alive at the end the Season Six finale, "Red Sleigh Down".