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Season Seven originally aired in 2003. It began on March 19th and the first half ended on April 30th. The second half began on October 22nd and ended on December 17th.

This season contains 15 episodes and is the final season (to date) to contain more than 14 episodes. It has a Christmas special, "It's Christmas in Canada", and this season also contains the 100th episode special "I'm a Little Bit Country". The episode "Cancelled" was the 100th in terms of production however, but it aired as the 97th. "Cancelled" contains strong references to the first episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe".

Following his resurrection in "Red Sleigh Down" at the end of Season Six, Kenny rejoins the series as a main character. It is noticeable however that he has far less dialogue and importance. He is seen dying on one occasion, "It's Christmas in Canada". This season features the final appearance of Saddam Hussein to date in "It's Christmas in Canada", with him having made various appearances from Season Two onwards. This season also features the break up of Stan and Wendy in the episode "Raisins". The effects of their break up is revisited in the Season Nine episode "Follow That Egg!". However, in the final episode of Season Eleven, "The List", Stan and Wendy make up and appear to get back together, with the episode ending with Stan vomiting over Wendy with nervousness.