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Season Nine originally aired in 2005. It began on March 9th, and the first half ended on April 20th. The second half began on October 19th and ended on December 7th.

Like the previous year, this season had a total of fourteen episodes. This has been the case for all seasons since Season Eight. This season is the second season not to have a Christmas special, the first having been Season Five. There will not be any Christmas specials until "HappyHolograms".

The episode "Best Friends Forever" won an Emmy.[1]

This season marks a huge change in the character of Mr. Garrison, who has a sex change in the first episode, "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina". This led to the departure of Mr. Slave. This season caused two controversies. The first was the episode "Trapped in the Closet" which caused controversy by mocking Scientology. This caused the departure of Isaac Hayes who voiced Chef, in the Season Ten episode "The Return of Chef". The episode "Bloody Mary" caused controversy after showing a Virgin Mary statue bleeding out its vagina.