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Template:South Park character Scuzzlebutt is a basket-weaving monster who lives on top of a mountain in South Park. He has a piece of celery as an arm and Patrick Duffy as a leg. He appears prominently in the Season One episode, "Volcano". He has had several cameo appearances since.


Cartman as Scuzzlebutt.
In "Volcano", Cartman tells the story of Scuzzlebutt to scare his friends, depicting him as a vicious monster, though they don't believe him. In order to scare them even more, Cartman dresses up as Scuzzlebutt. This plan failed and Cartman was almost shot.
Scuzzlebutt in "City on the Edge of Forever", with Brent Musburger for a leg.

Eventually, a volcano erupted and Cartman and the others were trapped, as the town built a trench to divert the lava away from the town. This is when Scuzzlebutt appears for real, much to Cartman's surprise, and weaves a wicker basket that saves the children. Shortly after, Stan kills Scuzzlebutt to prove to his Uncle Jimbo that he is a good nephew, but that pretty much failed.

In "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)", in-keeping with the re-imagined versions of the flashback sequences in that episode, Scuzzlebutt instead weaves some ice cream and has Brent Musburger for a leg instead of Patrick Duffy.

At the end in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, after Satan returns to Hell and Kenny's wish being granted with everyone back alive during and before the war, Scuzzlebutt is seen in the crowd on the right while everyone is singing "Mountain Town" despite the fact that he was killed way before the American-Canadian War


Skuzzlebutt is a large brown creature with Patrick Duffy as a leg and a celery stick for an arm. He has dark brown hair and a dark brown beard.


He is a kind, sweet-natured creature with a basic grasp of the English language, as he is shown able to say the words "friend" and "Volcano". He is reclusive but unafraid of humans. He is benevolent and thoughtful, as he is shown saving the boys in a wicker basket and giving some freshly-picked mountain flowers to Mayor McDaniels


Scuzzlebutt on the news.
  • In some early advertisements for the South Park video game, there was originally going to be a level involving the offspring of Scuzzlebutt, but later it was scrapped.
  • Scuzzlebutt appears in the crowd at the end of the South Park Theme.
  • Scuzzebutt is considered the most famous monster on the show, rivaling only ManBearPig.
  • Scuzzlebutt is in the game South Park Rally, but not in the Nintendo 64 version.
  • Scuzzlebutt is a monster that was inspired by a real life legendary monster in Colorado.
  • In the Spanish version of Scuzzlebutt, Patrick Duffy was replaced by Ricky Martin.
  • Scuzzlebutt appears in South Park: The Stick of Truth, albeit stuffed and display in Jimbo's Guns, and very rarely jumps in and out of the foreground view when the game is paused. In the game, Scuzzlebutt has an identical hand instead of a piece of celery and the head of his Patrick Duffy leg is always covered by something.
  • Scuzzlebutt is the only animal or monster to be resurrected from the dead.
    • Also is the only monster that makes more appearances on the show and in video games.
  • Scuzzlebutt is the first monster to appear in South Park


Video Games[edit]

South Park: Chef's Luv Shack[edit]

Scuzzlebutt appears in the mini game called Scuzzlebutt. The monster appears at the top of a tree on fire, screaming for help. you have to extinguish the fire with water balloons and rescue Scuzzlebutt (and Patrick Duffy), before the fire reaches Scuzzlebutt/the time runs out.

South Park Rally[edit]

Scuzzlebutt appears in South Park Rally as unlockable character (Except for Nintendo 64). In Easter Egg Hunt Race, You have to catch the golden cow (Pot Pie in Playstation Version), Located near the waterfall.

South Park 10: The Game[edit]

Scuzzlebutt is the first playable character in the mobile game. You have to rescue some people from the volcano.

South Park: The Stick of Truth[edit]

Scuzzlebutt's face sometimes appears on the game's loading screen. A Stuffed and mounted Scuzzlebutt can be seen in Jimbo's Guns showroom.


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