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Russia, also known as the Russian Federation and previously the administrative state of the former Soviet Union, is a country with land in both in Europe and Asia.


  • Russians first appeared in the episode, "Pinkeye", where the late Soviet space station "MIR" crushed and killed Kenny McCormick thanks to the arguments of two cosmonauts on board.
  • In "Marjorine", Eric Cartman destroys 'The Device' so it doesn't fall into the hands of the girls, the CIA, terrorists and Russians.
  • In "Free Willzyx", the boys call the Russian Space Program to send Willzyx to the moon, but later think it's another phone prank by George Bush. In this episode the boys refer to Russia as a third-world country.
  • In "The Snuke", the United Kingdom hires Russian terrorists to try and mislead the Americans, so they can ultimately invade America and regain control of it.
  • A military adviser at the Pentagon admitted to the United States using the "Imaginationland" portal against the Russians in the Cold War.
  • In "Insheeption", Freddy Krueger mentions having killed teenagers to stop the Russians, a reference to the A Nightmare on Elm Street films Freddy comes from, in which he kills teenagers.
  • In "Members Only" Sergej Tchaivokak says "В danishes планируют тролль нас вы должны сделать что-то быстро" (Translation: The danishes are planning to troll us you must do something quick) in Russian language and Vladimir Putin says "Итак, это те, кто сделал это?" (Translation: So these are the ones who did that?) This section is entirely spoken in Russian.


  • Russian punk-rock band Sloat released the song Oни Убили Кенни (Russian: They killed Kenny) in 2006. The video for this song uses clips from episodes where he continually died.