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Template:South Park character Ranger McFriendly is a park ranger who appeared in the Season 10 episode, "Smug Alert!".


After Stan's song causes everyone to drive hybrids and be smug about it, the toxic gas "smug" covers South Park, causing McFriendly to angrily hit Stan and show him the effects of driving hybrids. After informing the townsfolk of the smug, he forces Stan to destroy all the hybrids by himself, just in time for the smug storm to have the least impact on the town.


He wears the standard park ranger's uniform: tan hat, beige button-up shirt, and taupe pants. He also has a badge near his left shoulder, as well as a utility belt on his waist.


He is quite mean, contrary to his name, although his attitude was justified considering the danger Stan unintentionally put South Park in. Although, it is debatable if him punching Stan was justified. He is also very forceful, making Stan destroy all the hybrid cars by himself despite his small stature.


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