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Template:South Park character Nathan is a minor recurring character, usually the antagonist, who is first seen in "Up the Down Steroid", at summer camp in "Crippled Summer" and also tries to stop the 2015 summer camp in "Handicar". He is usually accompanied by his lackey, Mimsy.


File:Nathan Captain.jpg
Nathan in "Crippled Summer".

Nathan sold steroid medication illegally to Jimmy Valmer during the events of "Up the Down Steroid". This led to Jimmy physically abusing his girlfriend and mother in a fit of roid rage, but winning all of the events in the Special Persons Olympics. Afterwards, Jimmy felt guilty for cheating and confessed to the Olympic committee, resulting in his forfeit of the medals he won.

Nathan's second appearance was in "Crippled Summer" at the summer camp Lake Tardicaca, a summer camp for the disabled. Every summer, the camp splits into two teams, who compete for the camp championship in a series of games. While Jimmy is the beloved leader of the camp's Blue team, Nathan is the sinister leader of the Red team, which has lost to the Blue team three years running. Furious for having lost to Jimmy so often, he creates assorted plots aimed at not only ruining the Blue team's chance at victory, but also will result in the death of Jimmy, who Nathan confesses to loath. However, Nathan's lackey, Mimsy, continuously botches-up Nathan's plans, which causes Nathan to suffer a lethal bite from a black Mamba snake, painfully attacked by Native Americans, comically raped by the shark, and finally blown himself up. While being rushed to the hospital, Jimmy, who is crowned king of summer camp, and who is unaware of Nathan's loathing, gives Nathan his crown in a sign of goodwill. Nathan, however, confesses to hate Jimmy, and again threatens Mimsy for his stupidity.

His third major appearance was in "Handicar", where he again plays the main antagonist (along with Mimsy as his side kick). He attempts to sabotage the fundraising efforts of Timmy's new transportation business, which is earning allot money towards the class goal of returning to Lake Tardicaca summer camp.

He appears again in the Season 19 trilogy. PC Principal makes him the editor of the Super School Newspaper. Nathan is later revealed to be working for Leslie Meyers. In PC Principal Final Justice Nathan holds Jimmy hostage and reveals he has been getting the PC people to work with ads. He has a new girlfriend, known as CLASSi. Nathan then plans for a tragedy in the The South Park Gun Show, but CLASSi objects. He hits her, thinking she is Mimsy, and is consequently beaten up by her.


Nathan plans out the attacks and is the boss over Mimsy; he is also the team captain for the red camp.


Nathan is able to play the notes on the bomb rigged ukulele correctly, inadvertently exploding on him instead of Jimmy.


Nathan is capable drug dealer, being able to handle money and sell steroids to the other students.


The most notable appearance of Nathan is that his head is always looking up at an angle, usually to one side. Nathan has squinty eyes, long dark blond hair and wears tinted glasses. He talks in a low, raspy voice.


Nathan has Downs syndrome. He also likely has some form of sociopathy, as evidenced by his plots in "Crippled Summer". While all his plots fail in a fairly cartoonish manner, the intention behind them (i.e. getting Jimmy and his friends stabbed, murdered, poisoned, raped, or bled to death) hints at poor mental health.


Physical Endurance[edit]

Each individual problem that hits Nathan in the episode "Crippled Summer" would be fatal in real life: A bite from the venomous Black Mamba causes death fairly quickly; arrows at high velocity to the center mass often causes of death by exsanguination; the weight of a full-grown shark on top of a human is fatal; a close-range explosion of C4 leads to instant death. Nathan's inexplicable survival throughout the episode follows a common Looney Tunes theme, where characters survive normally fatal catastrophic events.


Nathan's only friend is his lackey Mimsy, who does whatever Nathan tells him. He abuses Mimsy verbally and physically for their failures in the various plots against the blue team at the summer camp. Just as Nathan is about to order Mimsy to do another plot to kill Jimmy, a teammate says "Gee, I wish our team captain was as awesome as Jimmy", could probably hint that a lot of people don't like him.

However, he does carry a disliking to Jimmy, as he's seen selling steroids to Jimmy, takes hostage of him in his own apartment in "PC Principal Final Justice". He also tried to sabotage Timmy's business just to get out of summer camp.

File:Nathan & Mimsy.png
Nathan and Mimsy in "Black Friday".


  • Nathan appears to have Downs syndrome.
  • While Nathan normally talks in a fairly adult and intelligent manner (although his voice sounds a bit as if he has a speech impediment), he adopts a more childish voice when addressed by the adult counselors.
  • Nathan's relationship with Mimsy, is similar to that of the Warner Brother cartoon characters, Rocky and Mugsy. This similarity is further referenced when it is revealed in "Handicar" that Nathan has a Rockey and Mugsy poster in his bedroom.
  • All of Nathan's various plots that backfire throughout the camp games are similar to the Laff-A-Lympics.
  • Nathan has connections to high level steroids that can fool drug tests, something more likely to be sold to adult athletes; how he obtained these drugs is a mystery.
  • Nathan's parents know he does not like the summer camp, but selfishly act like they don't know so they can go on trips without him over the summer.
  • He can be considered a counterpart to Cartman but among the disabled due to both characters being manipulative. This can count the fact that they are seen often as antagonistic to the main characters, and the relationship Nathan has to Mimsy is similar to what Cartman has to Butters. In fact, there exists a notable English football player in real life that go's the name of Nathan Cartman.


  • "Shut Up Mimsy!"
  • "Yes counselor Steve, I like the fun canoe."
  • "Let me give you guys a hot news flash: If you want to hurt a crippled kid, you don't break his FUCKING LEGS!"



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