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Template:South Park character Ms. Ellen, whose real name is allegedly Maqesh Alaq Makaraqesh, was a substitute teacher for the 3rd Grade class at South Park Elementary in the Season One episode, "Tom's Rhinoplasty".


Her beauty caught the attention of all of the males in the third grade class. Stan Marsh, who was dating Wendy Testaburger at the time, even began vomiting whenever he saw her, a trait he'd only previously displayed for Wendy. Wendy became jealous, trying to get Stan to notice her, while the boys bought her presents, and mentioned her to Chef. Chef claims after failing to win her over that she was a lesbian. The boys then proceed to eat boxes and lick carpeting in a misguided attempt to become lesbians.

Wendy eventually breaks down in front of the class, giving up and wishing Ms. Ellen and Stan a happy life together. At this moment, Iraqi soldiers burst into the room, revealing that she's allegedly a murderous spy who has been having an affair with Saddam Hussein and make an attempt to take her into custody. Ms. Ellen throws a sword at Kenny McCormick in a bid to escape but ultimately is taken away.

It is revealed at the episode's conclusion that Wendy had orchestrated the events, including the Iraqis taking her away and her being blasted into the sun, thus to her demise.


Ms. Ellen has short black hair. She wears a long black skirt, a white collared shirt and a dark blue, long-sleeved sweater. Another day, she wears black leather, including black pants, black top that reveals her belly, and a cross necklace.


  • Her name is a reference to lesbian actress and television host Ellen DeGeneres, and she was voiced by "The Chick From Species", better known as Natasha Henstridge.
  • Ms. Ellen never actually confirms being a lesbian, meaning it's possible that Chef merely claimed or assumed she was one in order to save face after she turned down his offer of "sweet love."
  • She has not appeared outside of her debut episode, however, a drawing of her made by Stan appears in "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka".
  • She was the first elementary school staff member to die on the show.


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