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Moses is a religious prophet who first appeared in "Jewbilee". He is a member of the Super Best Friends.


In "Jewbilee", during the meteor shower, the Jew Scouts assembled in the woods and summoned Moses so that they may appease him with offerings of macaroni pictures, popcorn necklaces and soap carvings. When the leader of the Anti-Semitic Jews, Garth, captured him in a conch shell, Kenny McCormick, who had been banished from the camp by Moses for not being Jewish, saved the camp by breaking the conch shell open with his head.

Moses also appears in the episode "Super Best Friends", in which he acts as the computer at the Super Best Friends' headquarters, and demonstrates the ability to play a tape by having it inserted through a port in his front. He re-appears as the Super Best Friends' computer in "200" and "201".


He is an orange, yellow, and white energy being. He seems to be "projected" by a blue and silver machine. He has two teardrop-shaped nostrils, yellow and orange eyes, and a slit-like mouth.


Moses never seems completely certain about his decisions, often pausing for periods of time to think over a response. This may indicate unintelligence although he may simply be cautious before speaking. However, it is shown that he does have a sense of humor when he chuckled at Seaman saying "Swallow, come!"


  • His appearance is a reference to the MCP, a rogue AI from the movie TRON.