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Template:South Park character Milly Larsen is a female fourth grader. She speaks with a strong Southern accent in some episodes, mainly the newer ones. In "Erection Day", Red briefly referred to her as "Jessie", this was likely a simple continuity error. Milly is displayed as one of "the popular girls" in the fourth grade along with Wendy Testaburger, Bebe Stevens, Red, Lola, Esther, Heidi Turner, Annie Faulk, and Sally Turner.


Milly, likes to sing and dance, as shown in "Rainforest Shmainforest". She also likes to bake as shown in "Tweek vs. Craig". Her first speaking role was in "Here Comes the Neighborhood", where she told her mom to "look at the little black lion.".

In "Something You Can Do with Your Finger", she, along with Bebe, Annie Faulk and Red, act as groupies for Fingerbang's makeshift music video. In "Marjorine", she was invited to Heidi's slumber party with Marjorine and the others. She was cruel to Marjorine, as were the other girls. In "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", she was dressed as a whore, along with all of the fourth grade girls (excluding Wendy Testaburger).

In "Elementary School Musical", she had a crush on Bridon Gueermo, stating that he was "a dream". In her speaking roles in later seasons, Milly has a southern accent, although in earlier seasons, it is less noticeable. She usually hangs out with Wendy Testaburger, Bebe Stevens, Red, Annie Faulk, Esther, Lola, and Sally. During lunch, she can usually be seen sitting at the "popular girls" table.

In "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", she, Esther, Wendy Testaburger, and Red were shown gossiping about Bebe, due to her newfound popularity among the male fourth grade populace. In "The List", she was shown to be a member of the list making committee.

The Stick of Truth[edit]

Milly can be found behind a building, in which you have to destroy a snowman to get to her and befriend her. It is revealed that she smokes. Upon the player's first meeting with the girls Lola allows Milly to speak and addresses her as "Millie Larsen". She proposes the group address an issue with Monica but is interrupted by Annie.


She wears a sea-green jacket with yellow trim and black trousers. Under her jacket, she is shown to wear a pink tee-shirt. She also wears pigtails, tied by yellow scrunchies, in her orange hair. As a "Stupid Spoiled Whore", she wore a green patterned romper, with black eye shadow. In "Marjorine", at Heidi's sleepover party, she wore a pair of light green and yellow plaid pajamas. Template:GallerySubPage


Milly is a "popular girl", therefore it is likely she has no problem conforming to the popular fad. An example of this would be her appearance in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", where she was shown as a "Stupid Spoiled Whore", along with all the other girls. Another example of her conformity would be in "Elementary School Musical", where she was shown singing and dancing along with the rest of the the fourth grade populace. Although, as evidenced by the end of the episode, her conformity in "Elementary School Musical" was most likely due to her crush on Bridon Gueermo. Due to her relatively minor speaking roles, the only other thing that can be accurately assumed is her love of Matt Lauer, as shown in "Fingerbang".


Milly seems to have a family however they were only shown once together in one of the earlier seasons. Her mother has short blond hair, wears a pink long sleeved shirt and dark pinkish-red pants with black shoes. Not much else is known about her or the relationship with her children. Milly's father has so far, not been seen.

Flora Neal[edit]

Flora was seen with Milly and her mother her in "Here Comes the Neighborhood". However, in "Trapper Keeper", Flora's last name was revealed to be "Neal", so this may be a continuity error.


Bridon Gueermo[edit]

In "Elementary School Musical". Milly, along with all the other girls had a crush on Bridon.

The Popular Girls[edit]

Milly is usually seen sitting with the "popular" girls at lunch. She is a part of the popular girls "clique".


  • In "The F Word", Milly can be seen wearing a purple jacket instead of her aqua one during the school assembly.
  • Kenny may have a crush on Milly since in "Fingerbang", Kenny chose Milly to "fall for him" for a music video, and Kenny while in Rob Schneiders body can be seen trying to to kiss her but was arrested by officer Barbrady for Pedophilia.
  • In The Stick of Truth it is revealed in the first??????? meeting with The Girls that Milly's last name is "Larsen". This is the first and only time Milly's last name has ever been mentioned.
  • In "Skank Hunt" it is revealed she had a boyfriend as she can be seen with a breakup note in her hand at the end of the episode.




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