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Template:South Park voiceover artist Matthew Richard "Matt" Stone is one of the creators of the South Park, as well as the movie and other media. The Jewish character Kyle Broflovski is largely based on him. He and Trey Parker, the other co-creator, created South Park, which first aired back in 1997, and since then it has become highly successful, earning the creators a spot in the history books as visionaries of one of the most popular American animations that deals with real-life difficulties such as politics, stereotyping and racism. The show has also won several Emmys for its ingenuity and hilarious comedy.

Early Life[edit]

Matt Stone was born in Houston, Texas, being the son of Gerald Whitney Stone and Sheila Lois Belasco, who would become the basis of Gerald Broflovski and Sheila Broflovski. His father Gerald was of Irish Catholic descent, while his mother Sheila was an Ashkenazi Jew. He spent his childhood in Littleton, Colorado, in the Denver area, and attended the Heritage High School. He obtained several degrees in animation and the film arts.

Kyle Broflovski[edit]

The Jewish character Kyle Broflovski is based on Matt Stone, and even has parents with the same names as Matt's genuine parents. Furthermore, when Stone allows his hair to grow out, he develops an afro that looks similar to Kyle's.

Voices on South Park[edit]

Matt Stone voices a significant amount of characters on South Park, after Trey Parker. Some of the characters in which he voices are listed below.

Other Works[edit]

Matt Stone in 2005.

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