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Template:South Park character Kyle Schwartz is Kyle Broflovski's cousin from Connecticut. He has heavy breathing, due to asthma. He also has poor eyesight, for which he has large glasses and are likely for farsightedness, due to the magnification of his eyes.


Role in the Series[edit]

While his mother was in the hospital, Kyle stayed with the Broflovski family during the events of "The Entity". He is a stereotypical Jew (with characteristics such as hypochondria, poor athleticism and being good with money), unlike Kyle, who was worried about his anti-Semitic friend Cartman, whom he feared would constantly make fun of him. Kyle then offered Cartman forty dollars not to make fun of Kyle Schwartz. Cartman initially tried to comply with the agreement, but later makes a concentration camp joke in class, blowing the deal.

Kyle Schwartz then stated that Kyle (Broflovski) should have tried to get away with paying him $12.50. Angered by his ingratitude and personal quirks, the boys help Kyle try to get rid of him. They put him on a sled tied to a bus headed for Connecticut, put him in a box and placed him on a plane to Antarctica. He nevertheless kept returning to the Broflovski home. In the end his mother's condition improves, and he decides to go home after receiving $5,000,000 from an investment bailout to the airlines. The boys suddenly see their opportunity and try to convince him to stay, but Kyle Schwartz replied by saying that he couldn't stand how everyone in South Park was a stereotypical hillbilly jock redneck.

Kyle also appears in "Red Sleigh Down", where he calculated how many presents Cartman would get for Christmas, concluding that he would still owe two presents even if he found a cure for cancer and AIDS before Christmas, and "The Losing Edge", where the boys were playing on the South Park Little League Baseball Team and had to get the worst person they could find to play for them because they did not want to qualify for a tournament.


Kyle Schwartz is very good with investing and other matters concerning money. He is cautious and avoids trouble, this may be the reason he kept returning after all the times the boys tried sending him away.


Kyle's upper lip is pulled above his teeth and his brown "Jewfro" is parted in the middle. He wear a dark pink jacket with blue triangles across it, and light green pants. In "The Entity", he has stated that he has lumps on the dorsal part of his hands.


Kyle's personality is representative of the stereotypical, nerdy Jew. He is able to handle money well, is a constant complainer, and is generally overly cautious. He also has various health issues, such as asthma.


  • His voice is based on Tony Curtis's impression of Cary Grant in the movie Some Like It Hot. Tony Curtis's real name was Bernard Schwartz, which may explain Kyle's surname.
  • The name Juan Schwartz is also a pseudonym used by Trey Parker[1] early in his career in the credits to the horror musical Cannibal: The Musical. It is unknown if Kyle's last name was influenced by this.
  • Kyle's worrisome manner is very similar to that of Mort Goldman of Family Guy, who incidentally is also Jewish and wears glasses.
  • Despite sharing the same first name with Kyle Broflovski, Cartman never once address him by his first name like he always does with Kyle Broflovski.


  • "The Entity" - Stays with the Broflovski family during the events of the episode.
  • "Red Sleigh Down" - Helps Cartman count his naughty and nice deeds.
  • "The Losing Edge" - Comes to South Park the boys lose their baseball game.


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