The Spirit of Christmas (1992)

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The Spirit of Christmas (1992)
The Spirit of Christmas (1995)
This article is about the 1992 short. For information on the eponymous 1995 short, see The Spirit of Christmas (1995).
"The Spirit of Christmas"
Jesus vs Frosty.png
Episode no. Season 0
Episode 1
First aired December 8, 1992 (University of Colorado)
Writers Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Director Trey Parker
Matt Stone

The Spirit of Christmas is a short and the early concept of South Park. It was animated and created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. It is most often called Jesus vs. Frosty to differentiate it from the eponymous short, which itself is often named Jesus vs. Santa.

The short stars four boys, and three of them resemble Cartman, Kenny, and Stan respectively. The former is named Kenny, who would later be the name of the orange-coated boy, and wears pink snow pants. Unlike the medial, his lookalike's face is not covered by his tight jacket. The very latter, unlike Stan, wears a red snow hat and a purple coat. The very last is a boy wearing a green coat and a yellow cap. This short is his only appearance, as he was subsequently removed from the series and replaced by Kyle.

This short is a loose parody of the Frosty the Snowman Christmas special.


The boys accidentally bring an evil snowman to life.


The boys build Frosty.

Four boys build a snowman named Frosty in the snow while singing "Frosty the Snowman". The yellow-capped boy was about to place a hat on its head but the red-hatted boy warns him not to do it. He claims that his sister, from Minnesota, did so and the snowman attempted to kill her.

The other boys ignore him and put the hat on Frosty's head. It unexpectedly sprouts to life and is revealed to be evil. Frosty draws out robotic tentacles, shakes the Cartman lookalike, and throws him in the snow. He bleeds to death.

The yellow-capped boy exclaims, "Oh my God, Frosty killed Kenny!"

The red-hatted boy scolds the yellow-capped boy about the consequences of putting a hat on Frosty's head. He then finds Santa Claus and thinks he will help them. The three boys go to see him.

They all desperately try to explain the events to Santa, who then gives a demented face and reveals himself to be Frosty. It tears off its Santa clothes and tosses the orange-coated boy (named Kenny in the South Park TV series) in the snow. The orange-coated boy's head decapitates, and he dies next to "Kenny" (later named Cartman).

The red-hatted boy scolds the yellow-capped boy again, telling him that there will not be a Christmas. They lose hope and think that nobody will help them. The yellow-capped boy, frustrated, murmurs, "Oh, Christ". Jesus comes to their minds, and they think he will help them.

Baby Jesus comes to life.

The short cuts to a play on the birth of Jesus. A light shines from the manger, and Baby Jesus comes to life. He jumps out of it manger and goes off to fight Frosty. The two boys happily shout, "Go Jesus!"

Frosty is confronted by Baby Jesus, who tosses his halo ring like a boomerang at Frosty's hat; it falls off. Frosty then collapses, breaks up into three giant snowballs, and then dies. Both boys exclaim happily, "Our savior!" Baby Jesus goes back into his manger.

The two boys are glad about Frosty's demise. The yellow-capped boy states that he learned a lesson, but the red-hatted boy cuts him off and tells him that it is to not put a hat on a snowman. The yellow-capped boy denies and says that the true meaning is presents. The red-hatted boy agrees, and they head home.

As they go home, the red-hatted boy says that he knows where his presents are hidden at. It can be assumed that they look to see what their Christmas presents are.

A deer passes by the corpses of the Cartman lookalike and the orange-coated boy, pecks at the former, and the short ends.


Matt and Trey developed "The Spirit of Christmas" in 1992 under the moniker "Avenging Conscience". This was during when they were students at the University of Colorado. They used stop-motion to animate the short on construction paper and filmed it with an 8mm film camera.

They eventually displayed "The Spirit of Christmas" at the University's student screening on December 8, 1992.