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Template:South Park character The Girl with Blonde Hair, has been shown in a few episodes such as: "Elementary School Musical", where she was shown talking to Annie Nelson before the boys sang their song at the end, "Super Fun Time", where she was shown many times in the background, "The Ring", where it shows her and her two sisters, watching the Jonas Brothers' 3D Concert on TV with their parents. She was also given a speaking role in "The List" when the girls were discussing which girl has the cutest purse. When Milly submitted her opinion on two girls' purses, she responded to Milly by saying, "I don't think anyone disagrees that Jennifer's purse is cuter than Theresa's, but that doesn't make it the cutest." Bebe then went on to explain that the committee had already agreed that nothing with stripes could be in the top five cutest purses.


She has short blonde hair that does a half-curl to the side at the bottom. She wears a navy blue coat, with black buttons running down the front. She also wears a black skirt, which is rare among the 4th grade girls, as Wendy, Bebe, Red, Annie, Milly, et al. all wear trousers. The only regular background girls to wear skirts are the Girl with Pink Sweater and Molly


Girl with Blonde Hair was portrayed as business-like in "The List", calmly arguing over who's purse is the cutest. Although, this behavior is likely due to the committee itself and it's rules, as all girls act similar while meeting.


In "The Ring", her family is shown as a very devout Christian family. She also has two sisters.. One of her sisters appears to be Jenny Simon. She also has another sister. It is revealed that her name is Katie when her father addresses her in "The Ring". She is very young, possibly around three or four years old.

The Foley Family[edit]

It was shown that Girl with Blonde Hair's father is actually Mr. Foley, the father of the three ginger kids in "Ginger Kids". The mother and youngest daughter are also members of the Foley clan. The mother's design, with the exception of the blond hair, is the same as before, even seen knitting just like the last episode. The youngest daughter was also once a ginger. This was most likely a case where the creators recycled a few character models.


Annie Nelson[edit]

In "Elementary School Musical", she is seen with Annie nearly every time she is shown. It is assumed they are friends.

Popular Girls Clique[edit]

She is represented as a semi-popular girl, that isn't part of Wendy's group of popular girls, but may be part of her extended group, because she is friends with some of the girls in Wendy's group. In "Elementary School Musical", when the whole school was singing, she was shown again beside Anne while she was singing. It is displayed that these two are fairly good friends, and with Annie being popular, she is likely somewhat popular as well.



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