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Template:South Park character Gerald Broflovski is the husband of Sheila Broflovski and the father of Kyle Broflovski as well as adoptive father to Ike Broflovski. Operating under the alias of Skankhunt42, he plays a key antagonistic role throughout Season Twenty. He is named after Matt Stone's father, Gerald W. Stone.



Gerald is a lawyer and a member of City Council as the city attorney. He has handled such legal matters as Getting Chef's name put on the album for Stinky Britches in "Chef Aid". He also helped Eric Cartman to successfully sue Stan after he called him an "Ass sucker". He later abused his power as a lawyer in the same episode by persuading his clients to sue South Park Elementary. This counts as a Ponzi Scheme because Gerald scammed South Park Elementary and its students by making multiple false claims of sexual harassment and then making millions out of it. Then everyone started suing each other, causing the school to go bankrupt. In the episode "Major Boobage", he gets a law passed that cats are to be illegal in South Park, but he again abuses his power as a lawyer by breaking that law after he grounded Kyle for keeping a cat away from Kenny McCormick.

Vehicles Owned[edit]

Gerald was seen driving a car best resembling a purple-red 2002 Lincoln Navigator in "Asspen", and in "Smug Alert!" he drives a Toyonda Pious with a license plate reading "1TMYMPG"( 1T=Want, so together it reads: "Want my Miles Per Gallon?")


He wears a magenta yarmulke, a khaki jacket with a blue shirt underneath, and forest green trousers. He has brown hair with sideburns and a full beard trimmed into a point at the chin and shaved alongside the lips so that his mustache does not connect. He has never been seen without his yarmulke on, except in the episode "Major Boobage" which confirms that he is balding. The fact that he is always seen wearing it would imply that he practices Orthodox Judaism, yet his liberal views and the fact that no other Jewish clothes are worn by him or his family implies that he is conservative or a member of a more progressive sect who wears it via choice.



Gerald seems to care about the environment and current events. He is typically portrayed to be kind and friendly, though he can be stubborn, sarcastic and impolite at times. Although, he is seen as a primarily moral man, he is seen to get carried away with matters of money.

In Season Twenty he is shown to have a dark side as he is revealed to be the internet troll known as Skankhunt42. He gleefully posts rude comments to young girls, and women in general. He was visibly shocked when his trolling caused Freja Ollegard to commit suicide showing that he had no intentions of killing people. The source of this is that he likes to harass just for the pleasure of humiliating others and to feel when he used to bully as a kid.


Gerald seems to be the most caring and rational of all the male parents in South Park. He is concerned with Kyle learning about moral values. He will typically take up the same issues as his wife Sheila Broflovski.

Sheila Broflovski[edit]

Sheila tends to be over protective of her children and goes to extremes to protect them from harm. She met Gerald in the US State of New Jersey and moved to South Park, Colorado so her children would not grow up in the dangerous big city.

Kyle Broflovski[edit]

Kyle is the only biological child of Gerald and Sheila. He is intelligent and has empathy for others. During the earlier seasons Kyle was the one who was taunted and teased the most. In later seasons he has become a stronger figure who stands up for himself and others.

Ike Moisha Broflovski[edit]

Ike, formerly Peter Gintz, was adopted from a family in Canada. He is very patriotic of his home country as well as mature beyond his years. He enjoys watching the news on TV; went on strike for Canada and has had an older girlfriend, Ms. Stevenson, he has also saved the Canadian Royal Wedding from Tooth Decay.


  • In "Quintuplets 2000", it is implied Gerald's mother is dead when Randy tells those who have a grandma to step forward, Kyle didn't step forward, though it could be Cleo Broflovski (mother of Sheila).


So far, Gerald has had a speaking role in every season.

Video Games[edit]

South Park: The Stick of Truth[edit]

  • Gerald Broflovski appears in the game as a minor character, remaining in the front yard of Broflovski Residence during the most of the game.


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