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Template:South Park character Future Butters is an actor hired by Motivation Corp. in the Season Six episode, "My Future Self n' Me". He is intended to play as a future Butters Stotch, whose life went downhill after doing drugs and alcohol. However, Butters found out that he was being deceived, with the help of Stan Marsh.


Four months prior to Future Stan coming to Stan, Future Butters comes to the Stotch Residence. There, he tells the family about how he drank too much alcohol, and as a result must drink liver medicine. He also frequently watches a show called "Becker", much to the disdain of Butters.

After he is revealed to Stan, he is found out. Stan then took Butters to Eric Cartman, to consult revenge on their parents for lying. Butters agrees with his revenge plan, and his house becomes covered with fecal matter. After Butters' parents, Stephen and Linda Stotch, come back home with Future Butters, the redecoration makes them realize their mistakes and confess their lies to their son.


True to his role, he appears to be an older but slovenly version of Butters. He also has a blond tuft of hair on his head and wears a turquoise jacket and dark green pants. However, he also has a five o-clock shadow and more visible blonde eyebrows.


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