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Alias(es) Santa Claus
First appearance "The Spirit of Christmas"/"Jesus vs. Frosty" (1992)
Latest appearance "The Simpsons Already Did It" (2002) (mentioned)

Frosty is a snowman and the main antagonist of the 1992 "The Spirit of Christmas" short.


Frosty is an evil snowman who wears a top hat, which sustains its life. It has a mouth full of sharp teeth. It can release robotic tentacles from itself to attack its opponents. It is an evil variant of Frosty from the eponymous 1969 Christmas special.


The boys built Frosty and put a magic hat on its head, and it came to life. The Stan lookalike warned his friends beforehand that doing so will bring it to life; his friends ignored him.

Frosty first murdered the Cartman lookalike (named Kenny in this short). The boys looked for help afterward, and they found Santa. They hoped he would help them defeat Frosty. Santa was shortly after revealed to be Frosty in disguise, and he killed the orange-coated boy (subsequently named Kenny).

Baby Jesus later came to life and fought Frosty. He knocked off its magic hat with his halo ring, which he used as a boomerang. Frosty died and broke up into three giant snowballs.

Later in "The Simpsons Already Did It", Tweek was afraid to put a carrot on a snowman because he though it would come to life, like Frosty but from a top hat. Stan alluded back to "Jesus vs. Frosty" by asking Tweek: "When did that ever happen besides that one time?"