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Template:South Park character Emily is a student in South Park Elementary. She appeared at Heidi Turner's slumber party in "Marjorine" and at the Jonas Brothers concert in "The Ring". Her name was confirmed in "Bass to Mouth".


Emily has light blonde hair and wears a dark blue jacket and light green pants. In earlier appearances, she wore a navy blue jacket with blue-grey trousers. In "Marjorine", she wears a turquoise pajama top with green and orange hearts, and green pants.


She seems to be relatively sensitive to social criticism, considering in "Bass to Mouth" she was embarrassed, not because her mother was in rehab, but because the other girls might find out.


Tammy Nelson[edit]

It was shown in "Bass to Mouth" that her and Tammy are very close friends, probably best friends, considering they both admitted and comforted each other over their mothers being addicts/alcoholics, a very personal matter.


In Skank Hunt, Emily is seen breaking up with Jason toward the end of the episode.



She recently had a few speaking lines in "Bass to Mouth", in which it was revealed that her mother is a alcoholic.


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