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Template:South Park character Death is a two time character whose only appearances, outside of credits and montages, was in the Season One episode "Death". The four boys, along with Grandpa Marsh, encounter Death when he comes for Kenny, unbeknownst to them. Grandpa Marsh also sees Death and, while Death chases Kenny and the boys, Grandpa Marsh gives chase to Death as well, demanding his own death. The boys are saved when Death is distracted by an episode of Terrance and Phillip on a TV display (it appears he's a fan) in a downtown shop window, but just then the adults are successful in removing Terrance and Phillip from air and Death proceeds to kill Kenny. Death then shows Grandpa Marsh his own grandfather who is now in eternal limbo. Death then disappears, along with Great Great Grandpa Marsh and Kenny, and in the Season Two episode "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)", where it shows exactly the same moment, but shows Kenny killing Death by jumping on him while all of Death's bones come out of the robe.


Photo on South Park Studios.

Death is envisioned as a faceless character, presumably a skeleton, holding a wooden-handled sickle who communicates only in grunts. Death wears a dark-purple, full-body robe with a hood that obscures his face. His hood is shaped similar to his sickle.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Death demonstrates supernatural power, such as being able to kill Kenny with a single touch. When Death reveals itself, lightning and smoke precede its arrival.


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