Chef Aid

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Cow Days
Chef Aid
"Chef Aid"
Chef Aid.jpg
Episode no. 27
Production code 214
First aired October 7, 1998
Guest voice(s) Joe Strummer
Ozzy Osbourne
Elton John
Meat Loaf
Rick James
Writers Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Director Trey Parker

"Chef Aid" is the fourteenth episode of season 2. It first aired on October 7, 1998.

An album was released in tandem with this episode, as well as a television special.


Chef claims that Alanis Morissette plagiarized his song "Stinky Britches", and in response the record company's executive tries to sue him.


Chef discovers that Alanis Morissette's hit song "Stinky Britches" is a song that he wrote many years ago, before abandoning his musical aspirations. He contacts a record company executive, seeking only to have his name credited as the composer of "Stinky Britches". The record company refuses, and furthermore, hires Johnnie Cochran, who files a lawsuit against him for harassment. Cochran employs the "Chewbacca defense", resulting in a win for the record company and damages to be paid by the defense. Chef now has 24 hours to come up with the money or face four years of incarceration. Chef attempts to raise the money by becoming a prostitute; instead of paying the executive, he intends to hire Cochran so he can sue the record company. Unfortunately, Chef is unsuccessful in his attempts to raise the money and is sent to jail the next day.

Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison witnesses many strange attempts on Mr. Twig's life; he finds him boiling in a pot of water, and later snapped in half. The evidence begins to point to Mr. Hat as the culprit, culminating in a showdown between Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat which lands the former in jail. Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat eventually make up their differences and get back together.

The boys try to help Chef by rounding up various musicians, whose careers have been boosted by Chef's advice, to hold a benefit concert. The record company executive sabotages the concert, but the outpouring of support for Chef touches Cochran, who agrees to defend Chef. He uses the Chewbacca defense again, ending with Chef finally getting his name on the album.

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