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With Apologies to Jesse Jackson
Cartman Sucks
Lice Capades

Template:Infobox South Park episode "Cartman Sucks" is the second episode of Season Eleven, and the 155th overall episode of South Park. It aired on March 14, 2007.[1]


Cartman's latest trick results in him obsessing over a missing photo and gets Butters sent to a special camp where they attempt to pray away bisexuality.


Template:Spoiler Stan, Kyle and Kenny are visiting Cartman's house. He shows them the pranks he has performed on Butters. Cartman reveals that Butters is coming over tonight, and he is going to pull "the best" prank ever.

The next day, Cartman tells the rest of the boys that he put Butters' penis in his mouth. Kyle informs him that makes him gay, not Butters. Kyle then tells Cartman to have Butters put his penis in his mouth, and it will "cancel out the gay polarity".

When Cartman tries to get Butters to put his penis in his mouth, but he is caught by Butters' dad who tells Butters he is just bi-curious.

Butters is soon sent away to Camp New Grace on the advice of Priest Maxi where they "pray away the gay" by putting bi-curious boys together and teaching them about the ways of Jesus Christ. However, it is clearly doing more harm than good, as there seem to be suicides on a regular basis.

Cartman finds out he isn't gay and that no one will ever know. Kyle then threatens to tell everyone else unless Cartman is "super-nice". He then explains he will digitally edit the picture to put Kyle's face on it instead of his own.

When Cartman gets home the picture is gone, and Kyle denies having it. He is then forced to inform his mom after getting no help from the police. Liane phones Sheila and she is told Kyle doesn't have the picture. Cartman then realizes he has no choice but to show the picture himself in show and tell.

Butters is put in a room with a boy called Bradley who gets them both punished for having a men's underwear catalog. Bradley realizes he "likes" Butters, who misunderstands and tells Bradley he likes him too. Bradley thinks he is 'unfixable' and runs away threatening to commit suicide.

In school, Ms. Garrison is about to start show and tell and allows Cartman to go. He begins to show off his 'artsy photographs' to the class.

Meanwhile, Bradley is threatening to jump off a bridge and the Camp New Grace counselors try to stop him. After telling Butters he'll make things worse, Butters announces he is sick of being told he's "confused", saying that he wasn't confused until people started telling him he was and that if he came from God, then God must be a little bi-curious himself. Bradley comes down upon hearing this, to everyone's relief. Stephen then takes Butters home saying he is bi-curious as well.

Back at South Park Elementary, Cartman shows the photo to the shock of everyone, after, Mr. Mackey enters with a message from his mom that the picture had just gotten lost in his room and had been found, to which Cartman replies; "Lame...".