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Cartman Gets an Anal Probe
Weight Gain 4000

Cultural references[edit]

  • Peanuts: When Stan notices Wendy in the cafeteria, he smiles similarly to Charlie Brown when he sees the Little Red Haired Girl.
  • I Love to Singa: Cartman sings this song from the eponymous cartoon when an alien spaceship struck him with a laser.
  • Romeo and Juliet: Fantasy Overture: This song plays in the school cafeteria scene when Stan sees Wendy and in Stark's Pond when they are about to kiss; this song is a typical romantic piece of classical music which love interests meeting eye to eye.


  • This is the only episode which was animated with stop motion on construction paper. Although, some of the scenes were computer animated.
  • Officer Barbrady's police car says "To Patronize and Annoy".
  • The PBS children's show Arthur has an episode called "The Contest" where Buster imagines himself waiting for aliens to visit Earth. This scene was inspired by this episode.
  • To convince Ike into jumping out of the alien's UFO, Kyle tells him to do an impersonation of David Caruso's career. A few years prior to this episode's first airdate, David Caruso ended a successful stint on the TV series NYPD Blue. Ike's impersonation was diving into the snow head first.
  • This episode was once referenced in an episode of The Sorpranos.
  • Bebe and Red appear on the school bus, both wearing different outfits from in subsequent episodes.
  • At the end of the episode, Cartman tells Stan and Kyle that Scott Baio gave him pinkeye.
  • These sentences are present on the chalkboard in Mr. Garrison's classroom: "Johnny threw the red ball", "I ate too much cous-cous", "Don't make fun of my grandpa", and "I'm not positive, but I think Cathy Lee Gifford is much older than she claims to be". Mr. Garrison tries to kill Kathie Lee (whose name he misspelled) in the next episode "Weight Gain 4000".

Kenny's death[edit]

Kyle tosses a rock at a UFO, which in response fires a laser at Kenny. He is flung into the road. Kenny survives, but then a herd of cows run him over. Kenny also manages to survive from them, but then Officer Barbrady drives his police car over him by accident and kills him.


  • Half of the scene in the school cafeteria was cut and later used in "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig".
  • When Wendy recollects the moments when Stan throws up in front of her in "Tom's Rhinoplasty", clips from earlier season 1 episodes are shown, including a clip from this episode.

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