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Template:South Park character Baahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem was a male fourth grader at South Park Elementary. He made his first, and so only appearance, in "The Snuke".


Bahhir has a middle eastern appearance. He has olive skin and curly, black hair, that shaved around the sides. He wears a sky-blue, button-up shirt and dark gray trousers.


He was portrayed as nice and slightly over-trusting, even befriending Butters Stotch and going to his house, despite only knowing Butters for a few hours.


Mr. and Mrs. Hakeem[edit]

Baahir's parents were kidnapped by Cartman when he was trying to find out the location of their son. He then tortured them by farting in their faces. When they refused to respond, professing that they didn't know where Baahir was, Cartman then injected his arm with a syringe full of apple juice, warning them that apple juice gives him "super bad farts". He left them tied up and imprisoned after he found out that Baahir was at Butters' house. Due to their abominable experiences in South Park, the Hakeems moved away at the end of the episode. Cartman rejoiced at this, saying that not only did his bigotry save the country from the real terrorist attacks, but it also got rid of the Muslim family.


Butters Stotch[edit]

Immediately after moving to South Park he makes a fast relationship with Butters and, after he is forced to move away by his parents, Butters is the only person who is visibly disappointed.

Eric Cartman[edit]

When Baahir first moved to South Park, Cartman immediately suspected him of being a terrorist, presumably because of his race and religion. Cartman went so far as to ask Mrs. Garrison to have Baahir checked for bombs. It turned out that Baahir wasn't a terrorist, although Cartman's bigoted behavior towards him contributed to saving America from a real terrorist attack, which was going underway at the time.


  • Although Baahir's surname is supposed to be "Hakeem", when Kyle reads Baahir's Myspace page, it lists him as Baahir "Habeem".
  • Baahir's Myspace page lists him as 8 years of age, however, to be eligible to register for the site, you must be 14 years of age.


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