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Template:South Park characterTemplate:LinkDisambig Annie Knitts is a female fourth grader. She was originally voiced by Mary Kay Bergman in "Tweek vs. Craig", however, Mona Marshall later took over that role. However, Annie is now assumed to be voiced by April Stewart.

Annie is one of the popular girls in the fourth grade at South Park Elementary. She is friends with girls such as Wendy, Bebe, Red, Heidi, Milly, Lola, Esther, Sally, and in later episodes, a new blonde girl, who she was seen in almost every scene of "Elementary School Musical" standing or sitting with.



Her name was first heard in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", when she was at the Stupid Spoiled Whore store with Wendy Testaburger, Red, and Bebe Stevens. Prior to that, she was referred to as "Jordan" in "Conjoined Fetus Lady", however, many background characters at the time were frequently called by different names.

The Stick of Truth[edit]

Annie has quite a role in the game. In her first appearance, she is seen being bullied by three older girls by taking her Justin Bieber toy. After Douchebag fights the bullies, Annie befriends him. When Kyle asks Douchebag to recruit the girls, Douchebags finds Annie and she takes him to the girls' hideout by blindfolding him. During the siege on Clyde's fortress, she is dressed as a fairy. She also uses her fairy costume as her picture on Facebook, even before the player recruits the girls.


She wears a brown collarless jacket and black pants. Her hair is short, light blonde and tight-curly. In "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset ", she wore an aquamarine tube top, a teal-and-aquamarine wrap skirt and white shoes.


Similar to most of the "popular girls", Annie is quick to conform to peer pressure. For example, in "Marjorine" she quickly turned against "Marjorine", as the rest of the girls did. She also tried to cheer "Marjorine" up, once again following the rest of the girls' actions.

Annie is portrayed as a kind person; however, this leads to her being a target for bullying. In "South Park: The Stick of Truth", she is seen upset over three older girls taking her Justin Bieber doll.

Annie is also a rather naive person, admitting that she didn't know what a queef was in "Eat, Pray, Queef". Despite her shortcomings, she showed a trait of leadership and convinced Wendy and her friends to break up with their boyfriends in "Skank Hunt" in an attempt to get back at them for Skankhunt42's misdeeds.



File:Mrs. Polk.JPG
Annie's mother

Her mother was seen with her daughter in Stupid Spoiled Whore, buying her stuff and waiting in line to check out. She had a speaking role, criticizing Mr. Testaburger for not letting his daughter buy anything in that store.

Her mother is seen at the parents' meeting in "T.M.I." sitting with her father - while he is not actually visible, her mother is seen looking off-screen towards someone in the same manner the other parents look towards each other.


4th Grade Girls[edit]

Annie is usually seen with the other girls, such as Wendy, Bebe, Heidi and Sally. She is seen with Red the most, though.

Though she is depicted as being part of Wendy's group along with Red and Bebe, Annie tends to take a backseat to other characters at some points, such as Esther and Milly in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", Lola and Red in "The List".


Annie toward the end of "Skank Hunt"

Annie is also often seen with Bill Allen.

In "Skank Hunt", Annie is revealed to have a boyfriend, an an unnamed boy, with whom she breaks up towards the end of the episode.



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